Men's: Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2015

An understated italian luxury has been suggested as the main thing in Bottega Veneta's Spring/Summer Men's collection. A luxurious sportswear, an understatement, even a hidden luxury maybe - low cut round neck t-shirts, jogging pants, handcrafted vintage-looking accesories, dissheveled hair and a certain attitude - is being sold for this summer for men from this luxury brand. The staples of modern man's closet are the thing to have according to this show - boatnecks shirts and sweaters, hoodies in colours of low saturation, black and white, relaxed suits cut in perfect for summer linens paired with sporty shoes or perfect summer brogues in thin luxurious brown leather.

The devil here is in the details, as luxury nowadays is - a rolled hem neckline, a well placed pop of colour in subdued hues, and the handcrafted backpacks. A wardrobe for a relaxed man on the go, a bohemian or in this case a dancer, someone who lives in many places at the same and never seems to settle down; someone, who spends more time on a plane rather than his own bed. A collection for a modern man for sure, but haven't we seen this somewhere before?