Maison Martin Margiela HC SS2014 // A look

The magical minds and artistic hands behind the Maison Martin Margiela always present something unexpected made from something unexpected too. They always see something beautiful in something bizarre. I guess that's how the tripple M brand got into fame - interesting textile and print choices, new take on constructional ideas etc. I could stay up all night with naming the beauty behind the brand. 

The Spring Summer Haute Couture collection has been created using vintage artisanal/artistic textiles, some of which were taken/collected from collectors all around the world. These beautiful artsy textiles have been paired with modern materials and knick knacks we see, well under our feet, on the street. 

The alchemy of haute couture can be felt alive in the artisanal MMM collections - like the old master painting textile paired with a lamé fabric, knick knack mini dress, a floral William Morrisesque textile kimono jacket and so much more, which only sadly can be seen a meter away from the dress, for the 1% who can afford the artisanal, collectible textile, collection. And don't forget the masks and the fabulous headdresses. 

I invite you to dive into the beautiful world of MMM artisanal collection once again. 


Movie recommendation: Yves Saint Laurent

In the past years the world has experienced the coming of the fashion biography/documentary films. One of the latest movies portrays the life and work of one of the greatest masters of couture - Yves Matthieu-Saint-Laurent, or simply Yves Saint Laurent. 
The director Jalil Lespert portrays the dramatic life of Yves Saint Laurent in the new movie presented at this year's Berlinale film festival. The film overlooks YSL's fashion career form Dior to his own label, the ups and downs of his private life, drugs, parties, relationships, friends etc.

The last movie, L'amour Fou, which portrayed the relationship of Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent, their private art collection and the sale of that collection at Christie's in Paris after Yves' death. The latest biopic, Yves Saint Laurent, concetrates more on Yves' fashion career, his struggle of creative work and tough life of both Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge; Vaguely shows the friendship of YSL and Karl Lagerfeld, the lovers they shared and how Karl Lagerfeld has never been as talented as Saint Laurent. 

Movie includes many sobbing moments - the drama of Yves' first and last couture show, the complicated relationship he had with Pierre Berge. A movie is a must see, if you're a diehard fan of YSL. Both Pierre Niney (who plays YSL) and Guillaume Gallienne (who plays Pierre Berge) bring such characters to their roles, it's a delight to see such good acting. 


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