A look: J.W. Anderson Prét-a-Porter Spring/Summer 2015

Covered-up is a partly certain thins in Anderson's aesthetic. For Spring 2015, the designer presented in a way updated classical couture shapes, adorned with trompe l'oeil details - oversized mother of pearl/wood buttons and leather details.

A certainly commercial collection could be partly could mark the influence of LVMH on J.W.Anderson as a brand. On the other hand it's easy to spot a need to cover up, a certain shield street-style tends to show lately. The models presented were mixed between covered up and showing skin - bare mid sections and mini skirts or long leather dresses with asymmetrical sleeves in various shades. For summer, from this collection is a must-have. A modern time icon. 

Oversized fisher hats and elbow length fisher gloves, leather scarves tied around the waists - gave this madame at sea a breeze of youth. A certain savour-vivre Francois Sagan would have enjoyed herself.