A look: Issey Miyake Pret-A-Porter FW2014

Yoshiyuki Miyamae, the designer behind Issey Miyake, has championed the construction, lightness and movement in his Fall show. The collection itself consisting of garments made of pleated fabrics (achieved through a technique called steam-stretching, where a computer program steam heats the jacquard fabric into a 3D wonders) has shown innovation in a simple way. 

Plisee looking jerseys and jacquards manipulated into everyday garments is a pony to ride on for Issey Miyake. The deconstruction of the coats and jackets give us a view into a what a show was called "rhythmatic forest" - a collision of nature and technic, or rather what's Issey Miyake is all about, human-made and machine-made clothes. The collection all wrapped-up exuded the lightness we strive for every fall season. 

A simple everyday styling and the innovation of the shape championed the modernity of everyday dressing. A casual approach to a complexity of shape and cut is a complete success for fall at Miyake, for sure. To understand what i mean, you must see the video of the runway show. The pictures don't do the collection justice. Pleats, please! i say. And i mean the Issey Miyake kind.